We’ve been delivering delicious food to kitchen tables since 1975. 

Back then, of course, the process of getting the produce to you wasn’t nearly as streamlined and efficient as it is now.

Over the last 46 years, the Cheesman business has grown exponentially. Today, we have a diverse and expanding customer base of wholesale and retail customers, spread right across the south-east of England.

Our choice of top-quality food is huge in comparison to when we started out.  But perhaps the most significant advancement of all, in recent times, is the ordering process itself.

We’re specifically talking about our pre-order system.

 It’s a service which is available to ALL Cheesman customers – both wholesale and retail. Everyone can take advantage. And plenty already do so. If you’ve yet to reap the benefits, we’d heartily recommend it!

The selection is stupendous.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, herbs and spices, frozen food, prepared food, bread, eggs and dairy, pantry and sundries, plus fruit juices – it’s all there.

This includes great seasonal foods that are in their prime at this hotter time of year, like cucumbers, tomatoes and chillies. Or delicious aubergines and peppers, which are generally imported to the UK, but which currently are a familiar sight in local gardens and greenhouses. You can pre-order the lot!


How do I pre-order?

It’s really easy.  To get started, sign up to the pre-order system to view what’s available. Here you’ll find all the foodstuffs you’d wish to order.

Click “Shop Now” to browse through all our products, using the clearly marked categories list. Alternatively, you can find specific items using the search function. The simple-to-follow instructions will take you through your shopping journey – without you needing to go anywhere!

If you want to review or amend your order, it’s also very straightforward to do, e.g., you want to remove products from your pre-order basket or change the quantity, or when you’d like a delivery slot.

Once complete, click the “send” button to notify us of your requirements and your pre-order will then be priced, confirmed and invoiced. You have complete control.

You’ll be provided with an on-screen notice confirming your order has been sent, along with a confirmation email.

Rest assured, our secure online payment system ensures you are well protected.


For next day delivery, when do I need to order by?

To ensure next day delivery, if you are a domestic and non-hospitality trade customer, we need to receive your order by midday.

For hospitality trade customers, orders must be received by 11pm.

By next day, we mean by midday on the next working day. We aren’t able to make deliveries at the weekend.


What are the benefits of the Cheesman pre-order system?

 There are plenty of reasons why pre-ordering with us is a winning system.

Your food will be delivered to you when you require it – at minimal fuss and maximum convenience to you. It can be actioned online, without you even needing to speak to anyone. It doesn’t matter how big your order – it will be there when it’s expected. Reliabilty is a Cheesman hallmark!


Does the pricing differ for pre-ordered food?

Please note, existing customers can expect the same pricing, terms and service with pre-ordering as would be expected with telephone or email orders. And once received, your pre-order will be priced and confirmed to you for payment.  It’s all part of the efficient, customer-focussed approach we take to delivering great food to your door.

If you have yet to enrol in our pre-order system, it’s something we would heartily recommend.

Alternatively, call us on 01483 572469, or drop in to see us at Luxford Farm, Wood Street, Guildford.