At Cheesman Bros, we pride ourselves on stocking food for everyone, especially meat-free and veggie lovers. With our roots very much in fruit and veg, we guarantee great variety and outstanding quality.

Traditionally, charcuterie boards have been dominated by meats and cheeses – but we’re big fans of charcuterie boards with a twist. How about a board overflowing with pumpkins, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives and chickpeas, with some flavoursome humous, fresh herbs, chillies, lemon and lime to tickle the taste buds! And that’s before we start on the fruits! Here at Cheesmans we’ve created tasty, and visually stunning boards with raspberries, strawberries and almonds, all drizzled in our locally produced honey, delicious.

With plenty of fresh fruits and plant-based ingredients for dips, as well as pre-prepared tubs of traditional and exotic fruit salads, it’s easy to create outstanding vegetarian and vegan charcuterie boards. So, check out our extensive range of products – fresh fruit and vegetables, salad, herbs and spices, fruit juices, eggs and dairy, breads, frozen and pre-prepared items. Our selections are sensational! If you’ve already decided what you want for your next vegetarian or vegan charcuterie board, we’ve got all the ingredients you’ll need for a memorable feast. Either buy direct from our farm shop or you can pre-order online for next day delivery to your door – whichever is more convenient.

Stay in touch with us on social and we’ll keep coming up with some vibrant variations. Delicious, healthy food for adults and kids alike! You can rely on Cheesmans to help maintain a nourishing and varied diet. Wholesome food at wholesale prices!

For further info or assistance, call us on 01483 572469, or just drop in the next time you are passing the shop at Luxford Farm, Wood Street, Guildford.