Check out these Photo's of us in action!

In the Split Room...

Dave Bullock and Dennis Davidson putting together the next days orders!



Armed Forces Day 1

Selling Strawberries and Cream, Cherries and loads more fruits to help support Armed Forces Day!



Armed Forces Day 2

Supporting Armed forces Day!



Armed Forces Day 3

Joined by a Gigantic Squirell, Watch your nuts!



Armed Forces Day 4

Another photo from the Amazing Armed Forces Day.



The Vans and Lorry ready for Action!

The buisness owns 15 Vans all ready for Action all day Long!



 Brian Cheesman

Founder Brian Cheesman continues to be the main buyer arriving at New Covent Garden Market at about 12:30am.




One of the Vans...

With the buying completed the team are back in Guildford usually by around 4am and the produce is unloaded. The orders are then speedily loaded up and by 5am the Cheesman Bros' fleet of vans are on the road delivering to customers. They arrive back to base mid morning.



GoFest 2015

The team attended GoFest 2015 to sell are usual produce including Cherries, Watermelon and many more!



GoFest 2015 2

Looks like not even the GoFest monkey could resist our delicious Fruit! He went straight in for the Bananas!!! Joined with the monkey is Sales Director Dave Bullock.



Woodstreet Festival

The team had headed down to Woodstreet Festival to sell our delicious fruit, nobody could resist those irrisistable strawberries and cream! In the photo is Buisness Owner Brians Wife Jackie Cheesman.



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